Preparing for and taking international exams

TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an internationally acknowledged exam. Companies often ask their employees to take the TOEIC exam, at various moments in a career (interviews, promotions, etc.). This exam is very particular, and needs to be properly prepared. Our team is here to help you prepare for all the distinctive aspects of the test, in order to enable you to take it in the best possible conditions.

Linguaskills/BULATS : the world's ultimate benchmark for professional language skills

Linguaskills/BULATS, the Business Language Testing Service is a business English test designed to evaluate the candidate's English proficiency in a professional setting. Designed by Cambridge English, it is used and recognized in many fields :

  • Certification of language courses eligible to the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF)
  • Company recruitment
  • Entrance exams for business-oriented schools
  • Identification of training needs and progression tracking

Linguaskills/BULATS is a flexible, complete and reliable tool. It evaluates four competences - oral and written comprehension and expression - and is computer-based and adapted to "business English".

January 2017 changes

Since January 2017, only the online English Linguaskills/BULATS test is available and replaces the paper-based English version. We are no longer offering the French, Spanish and German Linguaskills/BULATS (both paper and online forms). The future of these versions will be decided by partners: the Alliance française, Goethe-Institut and Salamanca University, who will communicate their decision regarding the future of these tests in the future.

Linguaskills/BULATS and CPF 

The purpose of the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) is to increase individual skills via certifying courses.

The Linguaskills/BULATS test certifies language courses eligible to the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) ; you can use your available CPF credits to improve your English and take the Linguaskills/BULATS, the most complete language test on the market, to prove it ! Linguaskills/BULATS evaluates the candidate's skill in professional settings. It rates oral and written comprehension as well as the lexical and grammatical proficiency of the candidates.

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