Evening conversation club

Need to work on your English?

You would like to practice your English? But you don't really have time, it's expensive, and anyway you don't know where to go... The Evening Conversation Club is the answer!

The Evening Conversation Club is a friendly concept, combining an experienced teacher and several other non-native learners for one hour and a half of corrected conversation in English, once a month, for only 15€ TTC per session.

The first session allows you to see how well the concept is adapted to your specific needs and targets. Then you can sign up for 5 sessions, for a total cost of 70€, far less than the cost of English lessons. It is not a formal class, but only oral practice with the help of a professional teacher, which doesn’t require a specific training program.

Francourt is a team of language teachers, translators and interpreters working in and around Compiègne (Oise).

For more information, feel free to contact us.