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Francourt designs language lessons that are made to fit your needs, be it in companies or by phone. Many individual language lessons are merely lessons in which a single student follows an pre-existing program, without taking into account his specific needs or targets. At Francourt, we believe that no single program is fit for all, and an individual lesson must be custom-made, taking into account all of the specifics of the student, and must adapt to the student’s abilities, availability and goals.


Francourt provides translation services, certified or sworn, in many combinations of different languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch… and many other languages!


Francourt can prepare you for various exams and tests such as the TOEIC exam (in English), Linguaskills (former BULATS – in English), BRIGHT (English, French as a Foreign Language, Spanish, German, Italian and several other languages upon request). We are also authorized to give you the official exams either individually or in a group, on premise or remotely.


It is more and more common to get a job interview in English, even in a French company. What better way to assess someone’s language skills than to interview him in English? Our interview preparation lessons help you get back in the (often forgotten) habit of speaking English, but also help you avoid the most common mistakes.


Francourt can provide interpretation services from and to many languages.


Languages lessons and translations
An experienced team, and custom-made lessons
FRANCOURT is a company located near Compiègne (Oise), offering training and oral and written translation services.

In groups or individual lessons, Francourt provides language lessons adapted to all levels. The teaching methods at Francourt are based on many years of teaching adults, and a team of experienced native teachers.

Francourt translates in many languages. Sworn translations are also available (official documents, vertificates, diplomas, licences, ...).

Francourt is a certified Data Dock company.


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